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2015 IAC Review

Messier 62

These are the comments left by those on the 2015 introductory astronomy course.

1 In general very good and well worth £10. It would be nice to have some more basic definitions e.g. What is a planet, a moon, a star etc., right at the start of the course. A light year is mentioned a lot - self explanatory yes - but does everyone know how fast light actually travels in order to realise the actual distance involved.
2 -
3 Handouts good, but would have liked guidance on how to take photos included. Expected more information on identifying constellations.
4 Much enjoyed
5 Very good. I felt it was pitched right for me. Thank you. P.S. Any chance of starting later - if you do these again? 7Pm perhaps?
6 -
7 -
8 Presuming the course was aimed at a wide audience, you have succeeded, I feel. I am interested in this and more difficult talks too. Well done!
9 Photography is a bit technical for a complete novice! More note could be useful for the serious student. Very enjoyable and many thanks to the society.
10 I have been impressed with the knowledge of all the presenters and wish to thank them very much for their time and enthusiasm. L E
11 Astrology is a 'nonsense' according to Patrick Moore - and of course we all agree. But everyone knows their Star Sign. The links between astrology and astronomy (the constellations and current movements of the sun) links these two subjects and are good from both the scientific and less scientific audiences!!
12 My 8 year old daughter attended the first 2 evenings which helped her understand a lot about astronomy, and has stimulated further interest.
13 -
14 Just feel we have only nicked the surface of a fascinating topic. We have really enjoyed the sessions & will certainly want to learn more. Thank you so much for your commitment & time.
15 -
16 Delivery could be a little slower as I have no knowledge, certain things were assumed. Would appreciate next level to continue with 'black holes'! Not really interested in photography - is too soon, too technical! Maybe have a separate session for those interested.