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2016 IAC Review

Messier 62

These are the comments left by those on the 2016 introductory astronomy course.

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2 Thank you for the most interesting courses. Very knowledgeable speakers. Convenient venue with good parking and fascilities. It was super to be able to use the telescopes on the two evenings. Thank you so much. Very enjoyable. Well done all.
3 A very useful introduction. Very instructive talks. A good range of topics - all of which were of interest to a beginner like me. It was great to be able to get first hand experience of looking through different telescopes. All members of the NNAS I spoke to were friendly & helpful. Thank you.
4 A very interesting friendly course, thoroughly enjoyed every evening. Thank you for bringing your telescopes and letting me see some of the many wonders above
5 Have found the course fascinating - and very interesting.
6 An excellent course. Clearly a lot of time and effort in preparing it - thank you.
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8 Would prefer to have a break halfway through to stretch legs + [and chat] to people. Would be good to have a bit more interactive sessions rather than just a talk. Thank you very much
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13 More detail in handouts to support each talk & how to discover more on each talk reference lenses etc.
14 I plan to do some further reading for beginners & may investigate joining an astronomy society. As a complete beginner - I found the course very informative & enjoyable although some of the info did go over my head! But has not put me off!
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16 A very good introduction. Advice on software and equipment particularly valuable.
17 We have truly enjoyed the talks. I thought they were very worthwhile. K & E M
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19 Very enjoyable and informative. Thank you - we will look out for future events and play with the small telescope we have at home, and see what we can find.
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21 Exploring the second hand market - what to buy - what to avoid.
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