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2017 IAC Review

Messier 62

These are the comments left by those on the 2017 introductory astronomy course.

1 That's one of the things that amazed me I understood most of it. Course has increased my interest and knowledge. Will definitely get involved when and as soon as I can. Worth waiting a year to attend, enjoyed it and felt comfortable.
2 Talk duration about right but course could be longer than four weeks to cover some subject matter in more depth. I think talks 1/2/3 could be expanded to cover two sessions - to cover fundamentals in a little more detail.
3 Very interesting & informative
4 Would have liked the opportunity to have gone outside and viewed more, but the skies can't be controlled. I have enjoyed your enthusiasm.
5 Really enjoyed the talks - occassionally a bit too technical for me - but that didn't affect my enjoyment. Thank you.
6 I felt the 2 half hour sessions worked really well.
7 I found the course very interesting. I would have quite liked a comprehensive "things to look out for" leaflet or something similar. Thank you.
8 I found the course informative and entertaining. Mostly the information was at a level easy to understand but my knowledge of photography is slight so the astrophotography was tricky / too difficult for me personally.
9 We both really enjoyed the evenings and talks. Everything has been explained in easy to understand language.
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