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2018 IAC Review

Messier 62

These are the comments left by those on the 2018 introductory astronomy course.

1 I have enjoyed the course immensely although all of it was quite literally 'above my head'. I thought the presentation of the course handouts were of a very high standard and the whole atmosphere thoroughly professional and friendly enough not to be daunting. Until now my experience of astronomy was limited to Wallace & Grommet's version of the Moon. I now feel that with the help of the handouts I have progressed beyond that! And I lobe the quotes which bring it all down to an accessible level. How amazed Les Dawson would be to to be part of this course.
2 Found the course rather intense; wouldn't have called it introductory. Handouts were interesting and informative.
3 Asteroids + Comets + Deep sky + telescopes. Very Interesting.
4 Enjoyed the course – only twice time is an issue for me getting more involved – work long hours!
5 Very good course. You should charge more for it.
6 Overall a very good introduction to astronomy. Start time a little too early for those of us that work. Overrunning lectures slightly annoying.
7 All speakers were really passionate about their subjects, but sometimes did go into too much detail, or not really explain enough., really enjoyed the 4 weeks though. It explained some things I couldn't work out from reading books!
8 I need to re-read the material and perhaps purchase a book on astronomy that consolidates and extends what I've learnt in these sessions. Loved the visual presentations and all the talks. Thank you!
9 I found the course very interesting. I recently bought a telescope for some of my grandchildren who seem interested and I thought I ought to learn a little too.
10 All the presenters were very articulate and enthusiastic. Very enjoyable – thank you.
11 We enjoyed the course. Thank you
12 Course starting level was too easy but lectures progressed to provide new / interesting info. I would have preferred longer talks going into slightly more depth. Would have been interested to learn types of stars and their life cycles. Excellent course and very interesting. Many thanks.
13 In answer to the last questions, I don't intend to buy my own telescope but look forward to being able to view using the North Norfolk Astronomy Society telescopes as a new member. Thanks!
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16 I think I would feel rather out of my depth. I would join a "beginners only" group though. More notes directly related to the talks would be good. Also, perhaps supply a reading list (?)
17 It was right for my ability.
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20 I did read P Moore's book "Introduction to Astronomy", before the course, which helped with having a basic understanding of terms that are then useful in the lectures. Have bought binoculars first + and intend to use them in next few months first to familiarise myself with the night. Then get a telescope after that. A really helpful introduction and fascinating talks. A great idea, and thank you for giving the time to do this. It has given me a real impetus to explore astronomy, + maybe even meet with others to do so in the future. Thank you!
21 Very interesting course. It has given me an early insight into astronomy.
22 It was a fascinating subject – we all, I am sure, are keen to know more about how we got here and where we belong in the universe, and possibly what the future holds. Hawkins said Unless there has been an accident we should not be here(approve) but – was it inevitable, given the building blocks?
23 Would like to attend further meetings and star gazing events. Experience using telescopes with astronomers who are experienced. Would like to be informed of more talks and events to learn more. Really knowledgeable astronomers So good. Very happy with my diary / calendar.
24 To be honest I think this was a good course It went over some knowledge I already had but pushed it further and you gave me different viewpoints to consider.
25 An excellent introduction for me to a totally new subject. The talks were just the right length and given by speakers who clearly knew their subject well – please thank them.
26 My purpose was for an insight into the terminology to gain some knowledge of the basics on which to build. This course achieved this for me and gave me a sound start. Below I've itemised each section of how it went for me. Section 1 - Friendly intro, Section 2 - See the moon differently, appreciate it more, Section 3 - Good insight into make up of planets and positions mean something, Section 4 - Scale the sky to an understandable dimension, Section 5 - Good basic informative, Section 6 - Informative but too detailed for me, as yet am still to have the basics to mind. Thanks.
27 Would have been interested in being able to identify the constellations in the night sky. What to look for etc. (without telescope and just by eye/binoculars). But for a beginner the course was very good.
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29 As a complete novice I really enjoyed the talks. They were easy to understand. I will be looking at the stars in a new light from now on. Thanks you to the group who made the friendly evening most enjoyable.
30 Very sorry that I will miss the last talk. The talk by David Jackson on the deep sky was excellent and very thought provoking