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2019 IAC Review

Messier 62

These are the comments left by those on the 2019 introductory astronomy course.

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2 Some of the course content would be expanded to help explain some of the general principles discussed or mentioned. More detail on equipment would be useful. Some of the lecturers obviously very knowledgeable but talk as if the audience has greater knowledge of the basics ‒ hence I think some areas need expansion to grasp the point you are trying to put across.
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6 Overall an excellent course
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8 We really enjoyed the course & will go on learning about astronomy ‒ probably from the internet.
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13 Thought there might be more about constellations. Found a few of the talks way above 'beginner'
14 Would have liked more information about constellations
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16 This was an excellent course, & I liked the format of 2 talks a week. The speakers got the level right ‒ not too simple or complex ‒ and all were very knowledgeable. Thank you so much!
17 We had a lovely time. Felt very welcomed. Loved the amazing photos and learned a lot. Really appreciated the time afterwards to chat and privately ask questions that might be dumb. Thank you for the special interest shown in my son.
18 I really enjoyed this series of talks. You've made me realise the insignificance of one small human being!
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20 More \stargazing please (weather not in our favour)
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22 Started as an 'absolute beginner'. Now inspired to learn more.
23 Some of the 'deep sky' was beyond me. It would help me to have a summary / overview of recent major re-thinks, what are current hot topics, what next for astronomy [covered in final session] Perhaps include a list of good learning resources: books, journals, websites etc.

For me labelling on the slides would help as the words are unfamiliar to me. The session on telescopes felt jumbled to me. Grouping the telescopes beyond for personal use, those that might be accessible to amateurs, some idea of costs would be useful. I would put the summary slide of the three types first, then the explanation of each, then examples of each + whether amateurs could afford them.
24 I would have liked to have been shown some of the constellations and individual stars through a telescope. The last two lectures had cloudy skies outside. Maybe tonight.
25 Sometimes the info was a little complicated, but generally OK. Thanks.
26 As it was introductory, the subjects could only be touched on, but it was nevertheless interesting.
27 I would love to learn more about astronomy ‒ this was a fascinating introduction ‒ I wonder if you would be able to run an intermediate course, or a series of on-going more in depth lectures. Many thanks
28 Interested in being able to recognise the various planets and stars as a precursor to restarting (did it 40 years ago) astro-navigation. Would like to have spent a little more time on this.
29 More on the structure of the universe. Outlining the search for life on other worlds, how life may have started on earth and statistical chances for extraterrestrial intelligent life. Space travel and the future. More about the big question in Cosmology. [some covered in the last talk (I completed this before talks 7& 8)]
30 Refreshment breaks between talks as chairs are a bit uncomfortable after a while.
31 A great course, I have now joined and look forward to learning more.
32 V good