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Introductory Astronomy Course 2020

Our illustrated astronomy course has proved popular so the North Norfolk Astronomy Society has decided to repeat it again in the spring of 2020. The format remains similar and is aimed at beginners. Some new material was added in 2018 such a tutorial on the Moon, and a new talk on the progress of current space exploration, and significance of ocean moons. Places must be reserved by completing our application form. The course topics are :-

  • IAC1  -  The Night Sky, definitions, constellations
  • IAC2  -  The Moon
  • IAC3  -  Solar system
  • IAC4  -  The Planets
  • IAC5  -  Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, Meteorites
  • IAC6  -  Deep Sky
  • IAC7  -  Telescopes
  • IAC8  -  Space exploration

These 8 topics are spread over 4 evenings, with two talks per evening, given by four Society members. The sessions start at 7:00pm, with a short pause between topics, and finish about 8:00pm. There will be time for a short question and answer session after each talk. Further time is available for questions and general discussion after the talks. Refreshments include tea and coffee. If weather conditions outside are suitable we will set up the Society's telescopes for some practical astronomy.

It should be emphasized that these talks are designed for beginners or for those with limited knowledge of astronomy. Given the range of the subject matter, and the time available, these subjects will only have limited depth and scope. We hope this will give you a basic understanding of astronomy, and encourage further study in more detail from magazines and books, TV programmes, the internet, or though membership of our Society. A sensible minimum age for children is about 10yrs old, and each minor must be accompanied by an adult, i.e for one child + one adult book two places. Visitors will note that the Chequers Inn free house (01328 830 297) is nearby for food and refreshment.

Courses will be held on four successive Friday evenings in February and March 2020.

  •  IAC1  &  IAC2    21st February 2020
  •  IAC3  &  IAC4    28th February 2020
  •  IAC5  &  IAC6    6th March 2020
  •  IAC7  &  IAC8    13th March 2020

The venue is:
    Binham Village Hall
    Warham Road, Binham Norfolk  NR21 0DR

Click for directions    52.917977°N,  0.948262°E

Total payment for the complete course of four evenings is
£26 adults, £8 minors.   Each child must be accompanied by an adult
Payment is taken when booking by using Paypal.
To book places, click here.