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NNAS Passwords

Please read advice on choosing a usernamer and password for this web site.

Username and Passwords

Internet security has become more vital in recent times, and preventing usernames and passwords being guessed or hacked requires a higher level of difficulty than in the past.

This should be short but not easily guessed. Make sure it's not just a name, but includes at least one symbol or number character. Make it memorable to yourself, as you will need this Username if you ever request a reminder for a forgotten password. Please do not use your email address for this entry, as these are considered a security problem now. After all, if an email account is compromised, the hacker can just send an email address to multiple web sites in the hope that this will get the password emailed back. Which they can then use.

The password needs to be robust. To check out a strong password, please test it or try out a similar example here. It should be 16 characters or more, include upper and lower case characters, numbers, and some special characters. The following characters are acceptable : a - z , A - Z , 0 - 9 , and special characters  !%^*()+~#{}|€ 

Note that  <?>/&\@=  characters should NOT be used.